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Budania IAS Group is a group that is dedicated to students for quality education .My aim is to spread knowledge as much as I could. BUDANIA IAS is an institution that aims at the complete development of the students and our faculty are hand-picked and qualified greatly to ensure that the students are given every possible support in all their academic endeavors. It is a multidisciplinary institution and this also ensures that the students have ready access to a wide range of academic material. Our brand of education does not have narrow horizons, we believe in exposure. Our students are encouraged to widen their knowledge base and study beyond the confines of the syllabus.


I belive that efforts and skills can make every persone to achieve targets of life. To create and maintain academic excellence, we engage ourselves with cutting edge research and constantly interact with the industry. Through these processes, we are able to foresee the complex problems that our society may face tomorrow and provide solutions to these problems ahead of time.

Furthermore, we realized that if we do not learn lessons from our traditional wisdom and blend it with the modern trends, we would turn short sighted. Therefore, we have created Indian Business Museum, which aims to inform the members of our community about our strength and weakness.

Additionally, we strongly believe that an education without human touch could be detrimental for our progress. Consequently, in addition to typical issues of education, we offer lessons from Humanities & Liberal Arts to foster imagination of the members of our community.

Amit Budania is Delhi University graduate in Economics post graduate in political science havinig skill and command over many more than 5000 student in few cites engaged with social studies and from last 4 year teaching aspirants of IAS-RAS with experience of more than 13000+ hours classes.


Our mission is to mentor aspirants in a way that they realize their dormant talent and explore their inherent potential. We earnestly believe that there is great fire in everybody and the only effort required is ‘giving wings’ to that fire and BUDANIA IAS helps it. When students come to us with desire to achieve something significant in their lives, we make that desire ‘very intense’ and transform their desires and aspirations in to achievements”,

The guiding philosophy of the institute, throughout, has been creation of knowledge. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact.

I myself cleared RAS (STATE PCS) twice which helps me to monitor the teaching methods with regular guidance and help me to work out every possible step with aspirants to achieve their goal.

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